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BLONDE is Beautiful!!

Crowned as the first “Blonde Bombshell”, 1930s style icon Jean Harlow used ammonia, Clorox and Lux Flakes to create a sensation like never before!

From the ‘30s on, blonde fashion icons created a revolution. Just the mention of a name brings an image to our mind of seductive, powerful, “girl next door” stunning blondes.

Think 1950s Marilyn Monroe in “The 7 Year Itch,” the Ultimate Blonde Icon.

The 1970s girl next door, Farrah Fawcett, set the world on fire with her haircut. But I ask you, where would that haircut stand without the gorgeous ashy-blonde hue?

Sex and the City—Sarah Jessica Parker. Chunky blonde highlights with dark, rich color underneath—What!?

We all remember the literal chaos in salons when everyone wanted Kim Kardashian’s silver blonde.

Today, Margot Robbie encompasses the very essence of the beautiful blonde. No longer just for the bombshell, the “blonde” has taken on a whole new meaning: intelligent, confident, playful and healthy!

Did you know that seven out of every ten women are “blonding” to some degree?

Cezanne’s innovative Keratin Smoothing Treatment formulas solve the challenges shared by many of our blonde sisters.

For those of us that aren’t natural blondes, the “blonding process” along with heat tools, sun and certain lifestyle elements like swimming in chlorinated pools, can leave our hair needing some Cezanne TLC.

To keep that beautiful blonde and maintain hair health, strength, moisture and shine, we recommend a Cezanne Keratin Soothing Treatment application by a licensed salon stylist. With four formulas to choose from, there is a Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment for any hair type.

We have two formulas specifically for clients that blonde, highlight, bleach or balayage their hair. Both treatments:

Are formaldehyde and aldehyde free

Are vapor and fume free

Are non toxic

Are healthy

Contain Cezanne’s amazing proprietary ingredients

Contain blue-violet pigment to tone and treat at the same time

Are followed up with Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to ensure the toning process continues with each shampoo as well as a keratin “refresh” with each use, extending both your hair health and the life of your Cezanne Keratin Treatment.

·   Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides up to five months longevity

·   NEW Cezanne Express Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides more moisture and a “refresh” of keratin every 10 weeks


Try the NEW Express Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment formula created by Cezanne based on feedback from the Professional Salon Stylist.

·  Time: Express Blonde service time equates to approximately one hour 15 minutes for shoulder length hair.

·  Tone: Express Blonde contains blue and violet pigments to tone and treat at the same time.

·   Moisture: Express Blonde formula contains more moisture which is ideal for damaged, compromised, fragile hair.

·   Longevity: Express Blonde lasts for up to ten weeks, based on lifestyle and home care products. Reapplication every 10 weeks gives damaged, compromised and fragile hair a regular boost of keratin to promote hair health.