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Collection: Merchandising and Professional Tools

Enhance your salon’s success. This selection offers a range of tools and resources designed to support stylists and salon owners in delivering exceptional service and promoting Cezanne products. From eye-catching marketing materials to educational resources and professional support items, we provide everything you need to showcase our treatments effectively and grow your business. Empower your team with the knowledge and materials to create a top-tier client experience.

17 products
  • Application Brush
    Cezanne Application Brush

  • Application Bowl
    Cezanne Application Bowl

  • Heat Comb
    Cezanne Heat Comb 7.5 inch

  • Coated Crocodile Clips
    Cezanne Coated Crocodile Clips 4 pk.

  • Instruction Book
    Cezanne Instruction Book ea.

  • Small Mirror Cling
    Cezanne Small Mirror Cling 1.5 inch x 9 inch

  • Pin Tail Carbon Comb
    Cezanne Pin Tail Carbon Comb 1 pc.

  • Station Mat
    Cezanne Station Mat 9-5/8X 7-3/4

  • Logo Cape
    Cezanne Logo Cape 53 inch x 59 inch

  • Clear Pump
    Cezanne Clear Pump Liter

  • Brand Guide

  • Large Mirror Cling
    Cezanne Large Mirror Cling 5 inch x 7 inch

  • Pro Titanium Ceramic Smoothing Iron
    Cezanne Pro Titanium Ceramic Smoothing Iron 1.5 inch

  • Aftercare Retail Bag w/ Tissue
    Cezanne Aftercare Retail Bag w/ Tissue

  • Large Window Cling
    Cezanne Large Window Cling 11 inch x 14 inch

  • Hair Tie

  • NEW Application Brush-Comb