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Formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatments are growing in popularity. What should you know about a keratin treatment before you get one? Keratin hair smoothing treatments make hair manageable without exposing it to dangerous chemicals. Let’s look at the details of how Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments work.

What Is a Smoothing Treatment for Hair?

To explain what a smoothing keratin treatment is, let’s start with what it isn’t. It is not a straightening treatment or a relaxer. Traditional straightening and relaxing applications break the hair’s bonds. Keratin smoothing treatments do not break the hair’s bonds. Instead, the keratin deposits in the cortex of the hair and also bonds with the hair shaft hair during the treatment to strengthen it while reducing frizzy hair and damage caused by humidity or color and chemical treatments. Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments make your hair softer and more manageable. The benefit of immediately resuming your active lifestyle is key. You can blow dry and style your hair immediately after the treatment is applied.

Where Does Cezanne’s Keratin Come From?

We source our keratin from wool shorn from living sheep. The keratin from the sheeps’ wool bonds to the client’s thick, curly, or damaged hair to smooth it out. Clients have reported that our treatments and aftercare products reduce their daily blow-dry and styling time as much as 33%, all the way up to 50%. Our naturally sourced keratin smoothing treatments make your curly, kinky, or thick hair more manageable so you can keep your hair healthy in timely ways that don’t use harsh chemicals.

Are All Formaldehyde-Free Smoothing Treatments the Same?

No, they aren’t all the same. Some companies produce treatments that claim they’re formaldehyde-free, but still use harsh related chemicals, such as aldehydes and methylene glycol. Cezanne’s products do not use aldehydes or methylene glycol at all. Instead, we rely on natural keratin to smooth and soften clients’ hair. Our formaldehyde-free, toxin-free products make the treatment process safe for hairstylists and their clients.

What Does the Keratin Treatment Process Look Like?

When hair stylists apply Cezanne’s smoothing keratin treatments, they start by shampooing the hair with Cezanne Clarifying Shampoo. Instant Frizz Eliminator Smoothing spray and the Express treatment, the hair is left damp for application. For the Classic and Ultimate Blonde treatments, the hair is blow dried for application. With Classic, Ultimate Express and Express Keratin Smoothing Treatments, the product is brushed onto the hair, massaged in, combed in, and then processes. Once the treatment has processed, the stylist rinses, blow drys and flat irons the hair. As soon as the stylist completes this process, the hair can be curled, styled, put in a ponytail or left smooth!

What’s significant about styling your hair after you receive a keratin smoothing treatment?

Some keratin smoothing treatments restrict what clients can do with their hair for several days after they receive a treatment, but not Cezanne! As soon as you receive one of our treatments, you can shampoo, condition, brush your hair, put your hair up to go to the gym, or style your hair with a flat iron or curler. Our unique proprietary formula allows people with all hair types to get back to their normal hair care routine. We provide a line of home care products that refresh your keratin Smoothing Treatment.

How Long Do Smoothing Treatments Last?

Cezanne offers a variety of keratin smoothing treatments that last for different lengths of time. For example, our Express and Express Blonde Treatments last up to ten weeks. Classic and Ultimate Blonde Treatments last for up to five months. Hairstylists can visit our site for professionals to educate themselves about the treatment options and how long they last. Clients can talk with their stylists to find out which treatment would best fit their hair type and lifestyle. Ultimately, we offer treatments that last different lengths of time and price points.

How Can You Access Cezanne’s Treatments?

If you’re a licensed hairstylist, you can contact your nearest authorized Cezanne Distributor to begin acquiring and using Cezanne’s products. However, if you don’t have a Cezanne distributor in your state, you can order our products directly through our site for professionals. Reach out to us or your nearest authorized distributor to begin offering Cezanne treatments and aftercare products to your clients. We’ll help you smooth their hair the natural way.